Thermoforming technique

  1. Produktbild Dentamid BioBleach® hard

    BioBleach® hard

    Thermoforming blank made of polyethylen especially developed for bleaching and medical trays.

  2. Produktbild BioBleach® soft

    BioBleach® soft

    Transparent thermoforming blank made of ethyl vinyl acetate copolymer.

  3. Produktbild Biolit D

    Biolit D

    Highly transparent thermoforming blank made of polycarbonate.

  4. Produktbild Biolon


    The thermoforming blank made of PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol).

  5. Produktbild Biolon für Vacfomat V9

    Biolon for Vacfomat V9

    Tough elastic hard plastic out of PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol).

  6. Produktbild Folienfächer

    Blank trays

    Compact overview of the complete range of blanks.

  7. Produktbild DocSnoreNix®

    DocSnoreNix® Patient set

    Patient set for the production of one DocSnoreNix® protrusion splint.

  8. Produktbild DocSnoreNix® Protrusionslehre

    DocSnoreNix® protrusion calibre

    Teaching about the correct setting of the protrusion of upper and lower jaw.

  9. Produktbild DocSnoreNix Protrusionsfedernsatz

    DocSnoreNix® Protrusion springs

    Super flexible spring elements made of nitinol for the connection of the thermoforming blanks of upper and lower jaw.

  10. Produktbild DocSnoreNix®

    DocSnoreNix® Starter Set

    Contains all necessary material for the production of the first DocSnoreNix®.

  11. Produktbild DocSnoreNix Zange


    Pair of special pliers for the individual fitting of the protrusion springs to the patient’s situation.

  12. Produktbild Dreve Mouthguard Box

    Dreve Mouthguard Box

    For the hygienic storage of mouthguards.

  13. Produktbild Dreve Mouthguard Label

    Dreve Mouthguard Label

    Insertion for Dreve Mouthguards.

  14. Produktbild Drufolen W

    Drufolen W

    Thermoforming blank made of polypropylene.

  15. Produktbild Drufomat scan

    Drufomat scan

    Very easy to handle high-end thermoforming unit with a maximum in user-friendliness and consistently precise final results.

  16. Produktbild Drufosmart


    Basic pressure thermoforming unit with 2.5 bar working pressure.