Resin pouring technique

  1. Produktbild Untergestell


    On castors for Labormat TH.

  2. Produktbild Kanalstechröhrchen

    Canal piercing instrument

    For piercing cast canals in the dorsal area.

  3. Produktbild Castdon Base Polymer

    Castdon Base Polymer

    Highly opaque denture resin.

  4. Produktbild Castdon Bonding

    Castdon Bonding

    Liquid for the perfect bonding between highly vulcanised denture teeth and auto polymer resins.

  5. Produktbild Castdon Color

    Castdon Color

    For the lifelike reproduction of different gingiva colours.

  6. Produktbild Castdon Color Monomer

    Castdon Color Monomer

    Modelling liquid to mix Castdon Color and -Intense Powder.

  7. Produktbild Castdon Dosierhilfen

    Castdon Dosing aids

    2 measuring cups for dosing the Castdon plastic in the optimal mixing ratio.

  8. Produktbild Castdon Küvette

    Castdon flask

    Professional pouring flask.

  9. Produktbild Castdon Intense Polymer

    Castdon Intense Polymer

    For additional, more intensive characterisation of the gingiva.

  10. Produktbild Castdon Monomer

    Castdon Monomer

    Mixing liquid for Castdon resins on the basis of methyl methacrylate.

  11. Produktbild Castdon Polymer

    Castdon Polymer

    Powder for Castdon resins.

  12. Produktbild Castdon Starter Kit

    Castdon Starter Kit

    Comprehensive complete package with all necessary system components for the preparation of full and partial dentures.

  13. Produktbild Cleaner


    Special cleaning liquid for brushes.

  14. Produktbild Filtermatten

    Filter mats (18 x 60 cm)

    For collecting wax residues, plaster residues etc. when boiling-out in Labormat units.

  15. Produktbild Küvettenkorb

    Flask basket

    Made of V2A, with plastic handle for 3 flasks.

  16. Produktbild Gelon


    High quality duplicating gel on the basis of Agar-Agar.