Blank / Material accessory

  1. Produktbild Drufoplast Löffelgriffe

    Drufoplast impression trays

    Thermo-formable tray handles for individual impression trays.

  2. Produktbild Fillin


    Reusable block-out material on silicone basis, for covering undercut areas on the model.

  3. Produktbild Finishing Liquid

    Finishing Liquid

    Polishing fluid for removing roughness from Drufosoft® materials.

  4. Produktbild Folienschere

    Foil scissors

    Stable special scissors for use in the thermoforming technique.

  5. Produktbild MaxiFresh


    Cleaning tablet for the outer cleaning and care of dental splints and sports mouthguards.

  6. Produktbild TrayFix


    Bonding for the permanent bond between thermoformed tray handle and base.