Blank / Material accessory

  1. Produktbild Fillin


    Reusable block-out material on silicone basis, for covering undercut areas on the model.

  2. Produktbild Finishing Liquid

    Finishing Liquid

    Polishing fluid for removing roughness from Drufosoft® materials.

  3. Produktbild Folienschere

    Foil scissors

    Stable special scissors for use in the thermoforming technique.

  4. Produktbild Schleifkappenträger

    Grinding cap holders

    Holders for grinding caps in five different versions.

  5. Produktbild Schleifkappen

    Grinding caps

    Rotating, economical and exchangeable corundum grinding caps with a grain of 150 µm.

  6. Produktbild MaxiFresh


    Cleaning tablet for the outer cleaning and care of dental splints.

  7. Produktbild UltraTrimm Vorratspack

    UltraTrimm economy pack

    Storage pack with 80 respectively 40 grinding wheels in different selectable hardnesses.

  8. Produktbild UltraTrimm Set

    UltraTrimm Set

    Set with several flexible grinding wheels in different selectable hardnesses.