Dreve Mouthguard

  1. Produktbild 3D Protector Einlagen

    3D Protector inlays

    8 unmixed, 3D-printed inlays for the production of professional 3D mouthguards.

  2. Produktbild Dreve Mouthguard schwarz

    Dreve Mouthguard Box

    For the hygienic storage of mouthguards.

  3. Produktbild Dreve Mouthguard Label

    Dreve Mouthguard Label

    Insert for Dreve Mouthguards.

  4. Produktbild Dreve Mouthguard professional 3D Starter Set

    Dreve Mouthguard professional 3D Starter Set

    Complete set for the production of two "next level" mouthguards.

  5. Produktbild Drufosoft®


    Thermoforming blank made of ethyl vinyl acetate.

  6. Protector adhesive

    Protector adhesive

    For connecting the first Drufosoft® blank with a 3D Protector insert.

  7. Produktbild Röntgenopake Streifen

    X-ray opaque stripes

    For insertion into Dreve Mouthguards.