1. Produktbild Applikationstips

    Application tips

    For mixing tips for intra-oral application.

  2. Produktbild Applikationskanülen

    Application tips

    For dosing syringes.

  3. Produktbild Bajonettring


    Attachment for the use of 380 ml cartridges.

  4. Produktbild DS Injector 1:1

    DS 50 Injector 1:1

    For applications of dental laboratory silicones for S 50 double cartridges.

  5. Produktbild DS 50 Injector 4:1

    DS 50 Injector 4:1

    For applications of dental C&B materials for S 50 double cartridges.

  6. Produktbild Schleifkappenträger

    Grinding cap holders

    Holders for grinding caps in five different versions.

  7. Produktbild Schleifkappen

    Grinding caps

    Rotating, economical and exchangeable corundum grinding caps with a grain of 150 µm.

  8. Produktbild Mischkanülen 1:1, hellblau

    Mixing tips 1:1, light blue

    Suitable for GumQuick scan, implant and silicone as well as MegaBase® 2K Lack and Odontosil 2K Lack.

  9. Produktbild Mischkanülen 4:1, hellblau

    Mixing tips 4:1, lightblue

    Suitable for Fixtemp C&B 4:1.

  10. Produktbild Mischkanülen, 5:1 gelb

    Mixing tips, 5:1, yellow

    Suitable for 380 ml cartridges.

  11. Produktbild Mischkanülen, grün

    Mixing tips, green

    Suitable for Dynax® clear, Dynax® heavy body, Dynax® mono, Regofix, MegaBase® Silikon, Odontosil 50/60, Laborsil clear and Laborsil speed.

  12. Produktbild Mischkanülen, pink

    Mixing tips, pink

    Suitable for Dosper evo / M5, StoneBite®, StoneBite® scan and Silfix.

  13. Produktbild Mischkanülen, transparent

    Mixing tips, transparent

    Suitable for Dosper M3/4.

  14. Produktbild Mischkanülen, 1:1 gelb

    Mixing tips, yellow

    Suitable for Dynax® light.

  15. Produktbild Ansatzspitzen

    Tips for mixing canulas

    Attachments for mixing tips for intra-oral application.